Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Not So Bright

Well the weather was a bitch last weekend when I took my annual trip to Brighton. The gayest event of the year and it was all ruined because someone decided to set the party in the park!!!! Downpours of rain drenching us making us look like half dead rats in the sewers. It was quite fun. Trodding in the mud, pissing in the slopey tree hills. Hell yeah it was mucho fun. But then we retired back to the station to head home and we all wondered what we actually did in Brighton. None of us could actually think of anything apart from walking, travelling, walking again, pissing, drinking and chatting.

I would much rather go when Pride isn't on because it's all too much, especially in the rain. A group of friends on the pebbles is good enough for me. Some drinks, sex, violence- yes all those too. I guess I'll just have to wait til next year to see how it all pans out really. For how can I say no to a day full of gays and freaks.

Off and out superlovers