Friday, 29 May 2009

Oh, my bad!

I have only just realised that there are different blogs for different topics/genres whatever you call it but oh well! I'll just shove all of mine on this one becasue I'm not a professional or anything so it doesn't matter. Spank spank!

Back to the main story- I vow to my loved one that I WILL get a dildo in London of a costly expense so that we know it will give us indescribable pleasure. That was a little forward but why not go for the full wardrobe when online blogging? I accidently followed myself yesterday evening in an attempt to follow a friend. I was disgusted at my lack of knowledge for technology becasue I'm usually the one person in the household to deal with technological difficulties- how embarassing! If I'm the best in my family Lord help the rest! I'm packing and I'm outta there before an explosion occurs! And it won't be miy fault. I think (or hope!!!).

Well that wasn't really a story but I hope it made you giggly giggle a bit. See this is why I should be in the London Paper writing for dykes- not that curly wurly kid! At leaset I look my age, she looks like she went through a time warp back to the 80s and is stuck between the future and the past- not quite sure what look she's going for!!! Anyway I shouldn't be so harsh, jealousy is a nasty thing.

There. All done. All refreshed and renewed, I'm off to pop down to the estate agents to get my final deposit in! Wahey finally. I love you bursary.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Another thing..

I only just discovered what Perezy boi looks like on google he's got guts....big ones.

I think his hair might fall out anytime soon!

Peace bloggerz

I wake up just to go back to sleep

How convenient that Calvin and Dizzee both released their 'come back' tracks around the same time, and they're both chavtastic. Bop is going to playing these songs over and over again now, thanks boyz! I would go into crititally assessing their strings of noize but I can't be arsed because it's all the same really.

Is it me or does Dizzee just talk through his songs? I only like the remixes really.....he's lucky he's got other people to upgrade and fine tune his narstay originals.

Off and out in this sick sad little world...

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Finding Jennifer Sharpe


I set up an account to read Jen's blogs that she published online, as it was the only way to follow those darn things. I love reading her work, it's just I don't have a lot of time to take a look.....but then after a lot of thinking I thought to myself, I DO have time, so I made an account and so here we are.

I don't really write blogs, nor do I ever to intend to religously write them, it's just a bit of fun I guess and another way to feel gay and emo. Why would someone even read this- it's of no interest for anyone to take any care about the reasons why I set up an account, apart from my other half, well my partner. HA.

When I first went to add Jen I came across a man called Jeremy and a transexual called Jennifer. I'll confess that Jeremy's blog was a little dull for me but the tranny, I mean er transexual, was straight into my best of interests because it's a man turned female of course. I think I went to follow him but I can't rememeber if I thought that would be too random or ridiculous plus the blog wasn't that interesting. It's all the same now- he's a tranny she's a gay, they're a get the drift. So afterall I guess it wasn't that appealing for me. I can't even keep up with all the big hype on taboo and all that cos nothing is that different anymore or interesting.

Anyway dead battery coming so have to sign off and out of here bloggies.