Monday, 26 October 2009

Right Ok

I've officially lost it!!!!!!!! All because of that stupid, idiotic, self centered, vain-obsessed little girl. Her name is BOXXY BABE. Oh yeah, the one who can't spell the words 'for', 'everyone' and 'from'. How hard can it be to type 3 simple words in? Well obviously it's such a struggle for poor little Boxxy, because she has to be DIFFERENT! Of course, why didn't I realise!? Originality is popularity for the majority nowadays, but it's not. It's really not- it's quite the opposite for me and I just get so frustrated trying to stress this. You can all watch your shitty shows with hyper active consumating rabbit wannabes but in the end you WILL be bored. It will just take you a while to figure this out. And that's why I am writing this now. Even though I've felt like this for ages about the little tart, I've only just remembered I actually have Blogger!!

Keeping the stress levels down,


Friday, 11 September 2009

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Not So Bright

Well the weather was a bitch last weekend when I took my annual trip to Brighton. The gayest event of the year and it was all ruined because someone decided to set the party in the park!!!! Downpours of rain drenching us making us look like half dead rats in the sewers. It was quite fun. Trodding in the mud, pissing in the slopey tree hills. Hell yeah it was mucho fun. But then we retired back to the station to head home and we all wondered what we actually did in Brighton. None of us could actually think of anything apart from walking, travelling, walking again, pissing, drinking and chatting.

I would much rather go when Pride isn't on because it's all too much, especially in the rain. A group of friends on the pebbles is good enough for me. Some drinks, sex, violence- yes all those too. I guess I'll just have to wait til next year to see how it all pans out really. For how can I say no to a day full of gays and freaks.

Off and out superlovers

Sunday, 26 July 2009

A Total Geza

Many of you have probably come across a weirdo or two (or 10?!) in your lives, but I'm hoping that they are all online freaks who are either little kiddy widdies messing around pretending to be crazy or otherwise they are.........actually freaks. Say for instance this god-knows-how-old man who resembles a mixture between Santa Claus and...........Satan? I don't exactly know what Satan looks like but I'm pretty sure he's a fat old man with white hair called Geza. And a pervert too.... Well you can decide for yourself really! (I just realised I've used underlining dots a lot already and it's only the first paragraph....weird!) Anyway the point of this unecessary story is that this obese scarf shielding and hat bearing git decided to add me on Facebook and I can't bloody work out whether it's a fakie pervy or a really really REALLY strange man. Probably both anyway I'm assuming cos you gotta be odd to want to set up a fake creep account to scare little girls and whatnot. He keeps sending me messages I don't understand cos it's half English half ??? whatever language he speaks. Bizarre times.

I don't even know why I've brought this up as an issue, I guess I was in the mood for writing after reading my ever so beautiful and genius girlfriend's blogs and articles that have recently been submitted onto a web page. She doth inspire me to aspire. It's a shame I don't have motivation or activity running through my genes. I blame my father for that. Only kidding I love ya dad, not that you're reading this!! Ha ha!!

Anyway to sum it up everyone on Facebook and Twitter is a perv. Cos everyone flirts with my beloved on twitter, and everyone flirts with me on Facebook. Well, and Jen too. Damn.


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

House- What A Mischievous Scamp!

( Keep it shut, Hugh!)

Just finished work- A 7am start! Oh the pain....It's all over now though so screw it!! I'm just thinking of the money I',m getting, being the selfish pig I am. Anyway I've come home to my adorable girlfriend, who's watching 'House'. Poo poo to that! I don't like Dr. House very much, I'm not sure whetehr it's because Hugh Laurie puts on an irritating deeper than deepy boy Christian Bale as Batman, or because the character is actually a twat. Probably a mixture. I mean sometime he can be a bit funny. Yes, a BIT funny that chap. It's just soemtimes he reminds me of an old man who gets narked off at me on the till if he has to pay for bags or if I make a mistake. Hmmm.

Want to play tennis on friday so badly!! Need to keep fit!

Speak later bloggies!!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

When Bad Turns Nasty

If I'm going to admit anything, it is being a jealous orientated hypocrite. Sometimes I don't know my boundaries, but amends are being made. I am immature and I still make mistakes, which is one of my weak points. I don't think I'll ever learn, but the sad thing is I always seem to regret it because of my delayed reactions. I'm slow in all the wrong places. I can't offer an apology but I can offer regret.

Tired but finally finished my first year at University! Relief! The day has come to an end already, but I had enjoyed runing around 24/7 (well not those hours but it felt like it) while it had lasted. Which was not for long; time flies when you're having fun! He he!

Byesie Wysie!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Doesn't it annoy the the hell outta you when people are so irritating when you want help from them?? Well let me start with saying I was in the library searching for this ONE copy of a book I need for my final essay and it says on the system it's on the shelf, but when I go to check, SURPRISE SURPRISE it's not there!!! So I go over to the enquiries counter asking the woman if it has been recently take out so i give her the authors name and she takes FOREVER to write down the bloody name and for some reason she can't hear a fucking word I'm saying!!! Deaf cow!! Anyway so more to the point I walk over to the shelf it's meant to be on and she follows me (yeah bitch following me) and says "oh maybe its been taken by someone and not put back in its place or it's on the wrong shelf" Well DUH of course thats what the other options might be! But as the worker YOU should make sure it's there for people like ME who need that specific book!!! ARGH. She says to maybe check again tomorrow if it's there, so I ask can I request it/you know reserve it in case it goes again instead of me trekking aound for one book that's gonna be gone and the fucking weirdo has a fit about me being wrong in wanting a request because"you can't request a book unless it's been taken out!!" Oh God she had the face screwing up, the head gawking back in disgust because I suggested such a ridiculous thing!! Had the whole double chin coming out! WELL SORRY it makes you feel so uncomfortable!! Anyway she's wrong!! YOU CAN RESERVE A BOOK BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT GETS TAKEN OUT BY PEOPLE HENCE IF YOU RESERVE IT YOU DONT HAVE THE CHANCE OF LOSING THE BOOK YOU FOOL! So I don't know what the fuck that woman was thinking but what an idiot! Goddddddddd!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Oh, my bad!

I have only just realised that there are different blogs for different topics/genres whatever you call it but oh well! I'll just shove all of mine on this one becasue I'm not a professional or anything so it doesn't matter. Spank spank!

Back to the main story- I vow to my loved one that I WILL get a dildo in London of a costly expense so that we know it will give us indescribable pleasure. That was a little forward but why not go for the full wardrobe when online blogging? I accidently followed myself yesterday evening in an attempt to follow a friend. I was disgusted at my lack of knowledge for technology becasue I'm usually the one person in the household to deal with technological difficulties- how embarassing! If I'm the best in my family Lord help the rest! I'm packing and I'm outta there before an explosion occurs! And it won't be miy fault. I think (or hope!!!).

Well that wasn't really a story but I hope it made you giggly giggle a bit. See this is why I should be in the London Paper writing for dykes- not that curly wurly kid! At leaset I look my age, she looks like she went through a time warp back to the 80s and is stuck between the future and the past- not quite sure what look she's going for!!! Anyway I shouldn't be so harsh, jealousy is a nasty thing.

There. All done. All refreshed and renewed, I'm off to pop down to the estate agents to get my final deposit in! Wahey finally. I love you bursary.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Another thing..

I only just discovered what Perezy boi looks like on google he's got guts....big ones.

I think his hair might fall out anytime soon!

Peace bloggerz

I wake up just to go back to sleep

How convenient that Calvin and Dizzee both released their 'come back' tracks around the same time, and they're both chavtastic. Bop is going to playing these songs over and over again now, thanks boyz! I would go into crititally assessing their strings of noize but I can't be arsed because it's all the same really.

Is it me or does Dizzee just talk through his songs? I only like the remixes really.....he's lucky he's got other people to upgrade and fine tune his narstay originals.

Off and out in this sick sad little world...

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Finding Jennifer Sharpe


I set up an account to read Jen's blogs that she published online, as it was the only way to follow those darn things. I love reading her work, it's just I don't have a lot of time to take a look.....but then after a lot of thinking I thought to myself, I DO have time, so I made an account and so here we are.

I don't really write blogs, nor do I ever to intend to religously write them, it's just a bit of fun I guess and another way to feel gay and emo. Why would someone even read this- it's of no interest for anyone to take any care about the reasons why I set up an account, apart from my other half, well my partner. HA.

When I first went to add Jen I came across a man called Jeremy and a transexual called Jennifer. I'll confess that Jeremy's blog was a little dull for me but the tranny, I mean er transexual, was straight into my best of interests because it's a man turned female of course. I think I went to follow him but I can't rememeber if I thought that would be too random or ridiculous plus the blog wasn't that interesting. It's all the same now- he's a tranny she's a gay, they're a get the drift. So afterall I guess it wasn't that appealing for me. I can't even keep up with all the big hype on taboo and all that cos nothing is that different anymore or interesting.

Anyway dead battery coming so have to sign off and out of here bloggies.