Friday, 29 May 2009

Oh, my bad!

I have only just realised that there are different blogs for different topics/genres whatever you call it but oh well! I'll just shove all of mine on this one becasue I'm not a professional or anything so it doesn't matter. Spank spank!

Back to the main story- I vow to my loved one that I WILL get a dildo in London of a costly expense so that we know it will give us indescribable pleasure. That was a little forward but why not go for the full wardrobe when online blogging? I accidently followed myself yesterday evening in an attempt to follow a friend. I was disgusted at my lack of knowledge for technology becasue I'm usually the one person in the household to deal with technological difficulties- how embarassing! If I'm the best in my family Lord help the rest! I'm packing and I'm outta there before an explosion occurs! And it won't be miy fault. I think (or hope!!!).

Well that wasn't really a story but I hope it made you giggly giggle a bit. See this is why I should be in the London Paper writing for dykes- not that curly wurly kid! At leaset I look my age, she looks like she went through a time warp back to the 80s and is stuck between the future and the past- not quite sure what look she's going for!!! Anyway I shouldn't be so harsh, jealousy is a nasty thing.

There. All done. All refreshed and renewed, I'm off to pop down to the estate agents to get my final deposit in! Wahey finally. I love you bursary.