Sunday, 26 July 2009

A Total Geza

Many of you have probably come across a weirdo or two (or 10?!) in your lives, but I'm hoping that they are all online freaks who are either little kiddy widdies messing around pretending to be crazy or otherwise they are.........actually freaks. Say for instance this god-knows-how-old man who resembles a mixture between Santa Claus and...........Satan? I don't exactly know what Satan looks like but I'm pretty sure he's a fat old man with white hair called Geza. And a pervert too.... Well you can decide for yourself really! (I just realised I've used underlining dots a lot already and it's only the first paragraph....weird!) Anyway the point of this unecessary story is that this obese scarf shielding and hat bearing git decided to add me on Facebook and I can't bloody work out whether it's a fakie pervy or a really really REALLY strange man. Probably both anyway I'm assuming cos you gotta be odd to want to set up a fake creep account to scare little girls and whatnot. He keeps sending me messages I don't understand cos it's half English half ??? whatever language he speaks. Bizarre times.

I don't even know why I've brought this up as an issue, I guess I was in the mood for writing after reading my ever so beautiful and genius girlfriend's blogs and articles that have recently been submitted onto a web page. She doth inspire me to aspire. It's a shame I don't have motivation or activity running through my genes. I blame my father for that. Only kidding I love ya dad, not that you're reading this!! Ha ha!!

Anyway to sum it up everyone on Facebook and Twitter is a perv. Cos everyone flirts with my beloved on twitter, and everyone flirts with me on Facebook. Well, and Jen too. Damn.


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