Tuesday, 9 June 2009

House- What A Mischievous Scamp!

( Keep it shut, Hugh!)

Just finished work- A 7am start! Oh the pain....It's all over now though so screw it!! I'm just thinking of the money I',m getting, being the selfish pig I am. Anyway I've come home to my adorable girlfriend, who's watching 'House'. Poo poo to that! I don't like Dr. House very much, I'm not sure whetehr it's because Hugh Laurie puts on an irritating deeper than deepy boy Christian Bale as Batman, or because the character is actually a twat. Probably a mixture. I mean sometime he can be a bit funny. Yes, a BIT funny that chap. It's just soemtimes he reminds me of an old man who gets narked off at me on the till if he has to pay for bags or if I make a mistake. Hmmm.

Want to play tennis on friday so badly!! Need to keep fit!

Speak later bloggies!!

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  1. Don't think for one second you can compare Greg House to an old man who has a go at you at work. Poo poo to that! How dare you. House is an ass, but a damn funny one! And Hugh Laurie has changed his voice to mould perfectly with the type of character he is playing; bitter, in pain, selfish etc etc. It is wonderful.