Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Doesn't it annoy the the hell outta you when people are so irritating when you want help from them?? Well let me start with saying I was in the library searching for this ONE copy of a book I need for my final essay and it says on the system it's on the shelf, but when I go to check, SURPRISE SURPRISE it's not there!!! So I go over to the enquiries counter asking the woman if it has been recently take out so i give her the authors name and she takes FOREVER to write down the bloody name and for some reason she can't hear a fucking word I'm saying!!! Deaf cow!! Anyway so more to the point I walk over to the shelf it's meant to be on and she follows me (yeah bitch following me) and says "oh maybe its been taken by someone and not put back in its place or it's on the wrong shelf" Well DUH of course thats what the other options might be! But as the worker YOU should make sure it's there for people like ME who need that specific book!!! ARGH. She says to maybe check again tomorrow if it's there, so I ask can I request it/you know reserve it in case it goes again instead of me trekking aound for one book that's gonna be gone and the fucking weirdo has a fit about me being wrong in wanting a request because"you can't request a book unless it's been taken out!!" Oh God she had the face screwing up, the head gawking back in disgust because I suggested such a ridiculous thing!! Had the whole double chin coming out! WELL SORRY it makes you feel so uncomfortable!! Anyway she's wrong!! YOU CAN RESERVE A BOOK BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT GETS TAKEN OUT BY PEOPLE HENCE IF YOU RESERVE IT YOU DONT HAVE THE CHANCE OF LOSING THE BOOK YOU FOOL! So I don't know what the fuck that woman was thinking but what an idiot! Goddddddddd!

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  1. I think you're blog should now be called:

    "Roro Speaks: But nobody wants her to."

    That is all.